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Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas A truly delicious read. And I mean that in every way possible. This is the 4th book in the Wallflowers series about the last Wallflower Daisy Bowman, an American heiress who has a free-spirit, romantic whimsy imagination and wants to find true love.

Her father Thomas Bowman wants to arrange a marriage between Daisy and Matthew Swift, a man who has worked for him for years and thinks of him as a son. Daisy fights against it thinking she knows who Mr. Swift is, an exact copy of her cold-hearted business-obsessed father. But she is proven wrong once she gets to know Matthew. Matthew has secretly adored/loved Daisy Bowman from afar for years since the first moment he met her but has kept it a secrete thinking she deserves better then him and can never have her. Plus he's been keeping a secrete that he fears will come back and hurt him and the ones he loves.

These two really stole my heart. Matthew Swift is really delicious and has become one of my fav Kleypas heroes. He's a very underrated hero in this series and a real good one. I adore these two so damn much. He broke my heart with how much he wanted Daisy and thought he could never have her and discovering how truly lonely he's been all his life and had no one to ever care for him or love him. He's a very engaging heart breaking hero who I completely fell for. Matthew is a very quiet self-assured incredibly intelligent man who has a dry sense of humor and playful attitude that fits Daisy's personality and character perfectly. He tries so hard to push Daisy away by trying to set her up with someone else and play the part of the stiff emotionless arrogant man she thinks he is. Their arguments and constant goading of each other were quite entertaining and endearing. The way Matthew privately looks after her and takes in every detail of her is just addictive. His all-consuming love and worship of her takes your breath away. A really raw love story with some humor and angst and of course some drama thrown in there. There is so much I loved about this book that I could go on and on. 5 stars all the way!!!