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An Affair Before Christmas - Eloisa James It takes a lot for me not to finish a book, no matter how much I'm frustrated with it but this one really pissed me off and for several reasons.

I'm a Eloisa James fan first and foremost so part of my frustration and bafflement with this book was trying to wrap my head around why she would write a story like this with a premise and heroine like that. I'm a huge fan of her work and every book I've read of her's so far has not disappointed except this one. I kept going why why WHY? while reading this because it was so disappointing to the point of unbearable to get through at times (one of the reasons why I couldn't finish it). I've never not-finished reading one of her books because she is just glorious at writing yummy hysterical regency romance books but this one was just...

The fact that the plot or I should really say main 'tension' is centered around the heroine's itchy hair powder and damaged hair but refuses to tell her husband of FOUR YEARS is just hysterically wrong and annoyingly ridiculous on so many levels. It's completely unrealistic above all else. Your husband thinks you can't stand his touch and you're frigid in bed so why not TELL HIM the truth instead of pretending to be coy and giggly about 'marital matters'. It's very simple and could have been solved in one chapter instead of dragging it out through the entire book.(I already know this given the hints here and there in the book and reading some of the reviews beforehand) I generally don't let reviews make a decision for me before or while reading a book but this one I just couldn't finish.

I kept thinking EJ was trying to be funny and comical in her witty way by doing this but it ended up falling completely flat and silly. The heroine Poppy is my biggest problem in this. She's incredibly naive and childish. The naivete I can understand given her psychotic lunatic satanic mother who fills her head with such misguided exaggerated nonsense about the marriage bed. I lost count how many times the woman ranted and spitted about what 'disgusting pigs' men are. Good grief. And what's worse is Poppy sitting there like a good little girl and listening to all of it and actually taking her advice. The whole thing was just too bizarre and I felt Poppy came off more like a confused 15 year old then a young married woman. I never reached the part where she finally supposedly stands up to her raving bitch of a mother but I just drew the line where she decided to leave her mother to Fletcher as 'punishment' simply because she caught him flirting with a woman. Whaa? Oh give me a break. Ugh grow up.

I wasn't a fan of Poppy before even reaching the middle of the book. I just knew beforehand where it was going and thought it was really ridiculous to center a whole story around it. Your hair itches so you can't enjoy making love to your husband? Well tell him and don't keep it a secrete for four years! I'm sorry while it was creative and nice attempt at moving away from typical HR drama set ups, this one for me was just plain silly and unrealistic. Seeing all the grief it was creating for the hero and heroine over it while not even knowing it was just not worth it to me. That being said I was preparing myself for it and tried to read through it but ended up taking a break and read another book. I was planning to give it another try and try to finish it but I had to return it to the library so oh well! I don't see myself checking this book out again to continue it already knowing where it's going to lead.

I liked Fletcher I understood his frustration, while I wasn't crazy about his complete obsession with finding someone to sleep with, I understood him, more then I did Poppy. Wish I could have gotten through the book to read more about him cause he sounded delicious. I should be more lenient towards Poppy given her misguidance and cruel mother but her character alone and her antics leaved a lot to be desired for me. I think it's safe to say this is my least favorite from the DD series.