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Dark Desires After Dusk - Kresley Cole Yeah. Total minority here. Not a winner for me. At all.

The last 3/4th of this book saved the story for me. Just barely. Ugh. I would love to have given this a higher rating but I can't. To be honest a 2 star is being nice. I wanted to strangle the heroine in this. Yes strangle.

If you like paranormal fantasy/demons/vampires galore with adventure thrown in there then this is your book. But if you are looking for likable well-thought out sanecharacters...ditch it. Save yourself the complete headache.

To be fair, I was intrigued by the premise. The demon characters were interesting and colorful. While I was really skeptical and hesitant to read it, I saw the number of high ratings this received (surprised me completely after reading this myself) so I gave it a try. The beginning was great but it veered off into blistering annoyance real fast. I liked the hero, Cadeon in this. He's a rage demon who finds his mated female in a human, Holly. She unknowingly is chosen as 'the vessel' to carry the ultimate demon baby or something or other.

I was really intrigued with how it started but once Cadeon saved Holly from a gang of evil demons everything went downhill. My main overall problem is with the heroine Holly. Oh Holly holly holly. She ruined the book for me completely. I swear I do not and have not ever (so far) liked heroine's who are written uptight and prissy and here it's no exception. She had to be the most stuck-up, pretentious near-narcisstic uptight shrew of a heroine I have ever read about. Yes she is incredbily smart but good lord. Her superior condescending near-patronizing atiitude through most of the book just left a real bad taste in my mouth. I'm all for independent smart heroines who don't take BS from anyone, but Holy for me was too shrewish and just mean for my taste. Pull the stick out of your ass and stop harping on Cadeon like all the world's problems is his fault then maybe I'll like you.

She takes the cake for severe Type A personality with a big cup of bitch thrown in there. She really tested my patience. I lost count with how many times I fought the urge to throw this book against a wall because of her. She annoyed me for several reasons. First, her adamant refusal to try and be even nice to Cadeon always thinking ‘deep down he’s just a cad’ through 80% of the damn book gets really tiring real fast. Second, her extreme haughty stereotypical feministic view of thinking good looking guys are all chauvinistic pigs who think all women are tarts isn't anything new and damn tiring and redundant to read about over and over again. You want to give me a feministic heroine? Fine. Just please don't write her as a prissy uptight bitch, there's nothing endearing or entertaining about that. My eyes got tired of rolling around in my head while reading this.

It’s fine and understandable to have a independent opinionated heroine but one who constantly snarks and snaps at the hero like he’s a brainless bafoon just sucks the fun out of an entire book, especially when it goes on through most of the book. Same question I always ask when it comes to this kind of character: Um...why would I want to see her paired with the hero? I just found it completely asinine the way this character was written and to try and get me to actually root for her to be with the hero? Uh hell no. Someone explain that to me cause I just don't get it. It's the BIGGEST pet peeve of mine when authors do that. Above all else, I cannot stand arrogant brittle self-entitled judgemental sexist characters. Can't stand those kind of personalities in real life what makes you think I would want to read about it?? No thank you.

Moving on...

Now I understood Holly's reproach to not trusting Cadeon and wanting to cling to her 'normal'(not really) life. I understood that and could relate to it but her closed off demeanor and brittle personality made it hard to relate or even *like* her. The girl acted like she had a giant stick shoved up her butt through most of the story. I just think the author went a tad far with writing a strong headed heroine cause she came off more brittle, harsh and just too haughty that I couldn’t stand it. Her self-entitlement and quick to judge type of personality did not jive well with me. It's the biggest pet peeve of mine when authors do that. Just cause you are smart and can formulate computer codes and wear a bra does not make you superior to others. And this is coming from a woman pssht.

I almost felt sorry for the demon hero Cadeon here, and yeah he’s quite the alpha possessive cocky hero himself but at least he had charm, a personality I could relate to and like. Holly had her moments near the end where she loosened up and gave in to her Valkeyere side but it was too little too late for me plus those annoying personality quirks of hers just kept getting in the way. Especially her non-reaction and 'meh' attitude to the surprise news at the end was just it for me. Oh brother. I mean really? Girl needed to go out and buy herself a heart and a personality to boot. She was just hopeless. For the life of me I will never understand what the appeal is with writing heroines like this. It's like the idea of having her be independent goes hand-in-hand with writing her as a stereotypical uptight raving bitch who acts like she's the superior gender. Oh GMAFB. I've said it before and it bares repeating, it's completely asinine way to write heroines and as a woman myself I find it stupid to read about. For me personally, that kind of formula never works especially when more than half of the uphill battle is the two arguing and bickering and the woman talking to the guy like he's an idiot. BIG turn off. I do not and will not root for a raving bitch. I guess I’m in the minority cause this book got such rave reviews and high ratings but it was lacking for me for obvious reasons. Sorry definitely not my cup of tea.