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Catch a Mate - Gena Showalter This was just blah. I love Gena Showalter, love her writing style but I think her strengthness is in the paranormal romance genre. I wanted to take a break from the LOTU series, hadn't read a light-fluff contemporary romance book in a while. Just wanted a light fun easy read. This was definitely easy but it just fell completely flat in all other areas.

The fact that the H/HR fall in love in the span of a few days is just unrealistic to me especially in a contemporary setting. Sorry don't buy it. It was rushed and not fully delved into IMO. I wish I could say I fell for the main couple and saw their chemistry, but I didn't. I liked Marcus Brody, thought he was a witty and charming guy with a naughty sense of humor. I just didn't believe or buy the whole "I'm falling for you and I'm completely turned on when you snarl at me" angle. I've seen it a hundred times in CR books but in this I couldn't buy it considering the short time span plus it came off cheesy as hell. I know Showalter has pulled off the same thing in some of her paranormal stories where the H/HR fall for each other in a span of a few days, I cut her some slack for that but here I just couldn't buy it because it was incredibly rushed. Like speed-dating-one-night-stand rush. They sleep together after meeting each other 2 or 3 days prior and then they are sharing ILY's. Um what?

Jullian was just too jaded, bitter and bitchy for my tastes. And a little crazy as well. Girl needed to lighten up and let go of the 'all men are pigs' mind set and pull that stick out of her ass. I understood where she was coming from but the constant 'pig' and 'bastard' snarky comments got really redundant and just annoying to read about after a while. I also thought the bickering between the two, especially from Jullian's side was just overkill at times. The arguing and jabs at each other came off childish rather than funny. That whole conference room meeting scene where she makes wise cracks at Marcus and talks back to him in front of everyone was so immature. It didn't come off as funny to me but just really obnoxious and RIDICULOUS. Seriously if I ever talked to MY boss like that, no matter how sexy and yummy he is my ass would be fired in two seconds flat and oh yeah I would have at least felt a shred of embarrassment for making a complete ass out of myself. The girl had no damn tact and lacked self-awareness completely. Another problem I had was Jullian's knee jerk reaction to make Marcus pay whenever he did something 'wrong' or hurtful. That was just stupid to me. What are you twelve? Really lame and adolescent. The whole deer urine fiasco with the light bulbs (yes you read that correctly) was the last straw for me. I mean... really?? Who does something like that?! Dear Showalter, NOT FUNNY. It's such a stupid childish psycho-ex thing to do. I'm sorry someone who does that kind of thing needs therapy pronto not a slap on the back and high five. RME. Ridiculous. She had a lot of issues and resentment which the author handled very lightly like it was a typical way to act. Um NO. A grown adult who pulls stunts like that needs help not be enabled and cheered on. Ugh.

Oh and a side note, having the first sex scene (one of the only two) be a piss-drunk screw on the couch is a total let down. Blah. And the ending was typical CR ending and so cliche and super cheesy.

And as for Jullian's BFF Georgia, she was just as bad. Or I should say worse. Oh g-d was she worse. I really wanted to sympathize with her considering how she was a shy nerdy awkward teen who transformed into a beautiful woman but her constant woah is me 'It's so hard being this beautiful I want a man to love me for me' perception came off whiny, shallow and I'm sorry to say but just freaking pathetic. I just couldn't sympathize with her. Instead of feeling sorry for her I just kept getting irritated with her constant pity-party attitude and wishy washy actions. For someone who kept claiming she wanted a man to love her for her and was sick of being used, she came off really passive aggressive and just fickle in her actions. Through half of the book she's dating a wealthy businessman who showers her w/ gifts and compliments and he proposes marriage yet she is hesitant to give an answer. Here we listen to her moan and whine about not being sure and how can she know if he loves her for her, instead of opening her mouth and talking to the guy or being an adult about it she stalls, doesn't say anything, puts him through a 'test' where the guy ends up dumping her. Proving her right. She gets piss drunk over it crying cause the man had the nerve to dump her. The world is over!!! *cue unattractive 5 year-old-like tantrum* Um....are you kidding me? At this point I really didn't care if she got together with Jullian's brother Brent or not, the man she's been secretly longing for and in love with since childhood. And of course to top it off, he loves her back (of course RME) and is following her everywhere trying to talk her to reason. Sorry, didn't buy it. You supposedly love this woman but have spent pretty much most of your adult life brushing her off? pfft. As much as I would have liked to fall for their 'secretly been in love with you for years' history, I just couldn't get into it. It just came off sad and lame rather than sweet. Mostly because of Georgia and her deep insecurity where she's convinced every man on the planet only likes her for her looks and will leave her once she gains a pound or g-d forbid gets one wrinkle. Oh please. Talk about melodramatic. It was just too much and fell flat for me. It's crap like this that feeds the stereotypical view of all women being self-absorbed insecure ninny-heads. CR authors....please stop! I beg you. It's not funny or cute but embarrassingly cringe-worthy. We all have our cray-cray moments but this book was packed with too much 'please call your shrink. Stat' craziness for me.