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Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn I wasn't really crazy about this one. Not the strongest work by Quinn IMO. I thought Daniel's book (book 2 in this series) was much better than this. I liked Marcus and thought Honoria was sweet but the story I found lacking something overall. There is only one sex scene which is fine but I wasn't feeling it and struggled to feel the romance or chemistry between the hero and heroine which is surprising considering they have known each other since childhood, I was expecting to get more between them. Honoria half the time acted so awkward and obtuse around him which I didn't understand, it came off more awkward than charming for me. Her constant hesitations and awkwardness around Marcus started to annoy me at times. He's your childhood friend, stop acting like he's going to jump you.

I just found the overall story tedious and not exciting. And I noticed during the sex scene there was no acknowledgement of Honoria losing her virginity whatsoever. No cry of pain, no discomfort nothing. Just one swift easy entrance and they got to it, I found it weird and very unrealistic. The constant self-doubting inner dialogue and 'I beg your pardon?' queries was very overdone and tiring especially in the last 2 chapters. And also the dialogue through the entire book is riddled with 'er' and 'erhm's which drove me UP THE WALL. Who talks like that? What does er even mean?? They can't say um? It's used at least 5 times on every page by every character including Honoria's mother which became very distracting. It kept taking me out of the scene every time Lady Winstead or even Marcus mumbled it. For some reason Quinn thought it necessary to the story or her characters I don't know, I found it very out of place and very annoying. I'm not even sure I know anyone who uses er or erhm while talking. Unless maybe while choking? or talking with your mouth full? It just doesn't read right to me as far as slang expressions go.