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Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Good book not the best of Kleypas but I still really enjoyed it. I love Cam Rohan. Such a great unique hero. He's so charming and devilish and exotic and may I add yummy. ;) I loved his character since his introduction in Devil in Winter so I was really excited to read this. But I was a little disappointed while reading the book. It was a good read, had nice dramatic moments, plenty of sex scenes (which really surprised me with how many :P) but the actual love story didn't grab me as much as it did in Kleypas's previous book. I grew to like Amelia but it was frustrating at times to relate to her when the author spent so much time focusing on her family drama. Amelia focusing and stressing so much over her siblings and refusing to marry got a bit redundant and frustrating at times. I understand Kleypas was setting up the foundation and background for her next books with the other siblings but at times it was a bit too much, especially with the focus on Leo and his problems. And Amelia's pride and stubborn-headedness tended to get in the way. She has so much responsibility put on her shoulders but her sometimes getting fed up and thinking how ungrateful her siblings are for her guidance I thought was unfounded and melodramatic. The secondary couple, Win and Merripen really grabbed at me and tugged at my heart. I felt at times more interested in them then I did with Amelia and Cam. I adore Cam and his Gypsy roots but I feel the author didn't spend enough time answering the many unsolved questions about his mysterious background and the connection between him and Merripen. I really hope she touches on that on the next book.