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Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas Great book although I was expecting a little more from this one simply because I love and adore the hero Leo Hathaway. He's a very charming quick witted handsome hilarious character who broke my heart from the very beginning in this series. His character makes up for so much that was lacking in this story for me. I wanted a little more for his story simply cause of how deeply and passionately and sincerely he feels and loves a person I felt he deserved it ten times in return. Since losing his fiance I understood his pain and dark cynical don't-care attitude towards life. I completely understood where he was coming from and the hardships he was facing. But the love story in this didn't grab me as much as I was hoping it would. I just wish Kleypas showed the same equal passion from the heroine's POV. I felt at times we were getting more from Leo then we did from Cat. I liked the character Catherine Marks, I just felt the story dragged out once again (same problem I had in the previous book) in this with her constantly refusing to marry him. Plus I felt the plot of the book was a little stale and predictable. So it was a little underwhelming in that sense. The beginning and ending was great but the middle lost something.

I had assumed by the title of this one that it was teasing/hinting at the idea of them marrying quickly then dealing with the new adjustment of getting to know each other more as husband and wife. And I understood where Marks was coming from given her horrible childhood, really I did, I could see her reservations and personal fears but her being quick to judge Leo and already making up her mind that they wouldn't suite aggravated me at times. She had a very tragic traumatic life so her reasons were justifiable, but still, I found myself not buying her reasonings for why she couldn't marry Leo. It just wasn't believable to me considering how much Leo had proven her wrong up until that point and how much she was attracted to him and clearly admired him yet she kept saying 'no' and randomly blurting out how they wouldn't suite and she can't be fixed and Leo would leave her. I just didn't buy it plus it started to get really redundant in the dialogue. I just felt the conflict for the story wasn't enough to carry the story out. Nevertheless, I ended up loving them and their 'happy ending' made me melt as expected.

And this is more of a side note but I found it odd how in this book not one mention of Win's pregnancy was made. She made a few appearances in this and when she did there was no hint or description of her being pregnant, like Kleypas did with Amelia in the previous books. And as a Win & Kev fan I was bummed because I was looking forward to seeing little snippets of Kev fuss and dote over her in his broodish bossy way. :(

It was a great book it was entertaining as expected, but I wanted more.