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Enchanting Pleasures - Eloisa James My very first Eloisa book I read and I really loved it. Really charming story. Really surprised me how much fun it was reading this. There's so much heart, love, passion and angst all in one. I love Quill. He broke my heart. I believe this is the most angst-filled series Eloisa has written. Caught me by surprise completely. The story was both really funny witty and heartbreaking at the same time. Gabby is not your typical heroine. She's different when compared to other heroine's I've read in other books. She was really fun to read although at times I felt she was a little too loosey goosey, her reactions to some things I felt were a bit much and made her look a *little* airheaded. And it did drive me nuts how prudish she was about making love. I'm not a fan of that but the way she came through for Quill made her endearing. The last few chapters just broke my heart I couldn't put the book down. Really powerful and intense. Really great read. I think the Pleasure series is some of Eloisa James' best work hands down. 5 stars all the way!!!