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From the First - Jessica Bird I loved the set up of this story. The whole secretly in love with my best-friend's wife was too irresistible to pass up. I just wish the actual pay off and ending was more enjoyable. And I wasn't completely in love with the plot as I wanted to be. I found the ending lack-luster and falling a little short, especially given the whole 'yes no' song and dance the author puts Cassandra and Alex through through the entire book. I felt the couple's coming together was dragged out too long. A lot of unspoken assumptions, miscommunication kept getting in the way, which I wouldn't have minded as much if I felt the end conclusion was more satisfying.

We finally have the forlorn tortured hero in this Alex, confess he loves Cassandra at the very end....literally at the very end like the last 3-4 pages of the book, all neat and tidy. Not as dramatically fulfilling as I was hoping it would be. It was very frustrating and I just wasn't as blown away as I wanted to be. In some odd way it felt rushed and abrupt and left me wanting way more then I got.

And can I just say I absolutely loathed Cass's dead husband Reese. Ugh. And he just happened to be Alex's best friend. So did not understand the devotion & care for this guy. I thought there was a lot of unreasonable hero-worship over this guy who sounded like a overgrown child with a mid-life crisis and total slime ball to boot. It irritated the hell out of me how Cass would lament over the 'good times' they had together even after finding out he was cheating on her. Gag me and spare me. Sorry I find it unbelievable to find sympathy over a guy who was a chronic two-timer and sleaze. And Alex constantly berating and torturing himself over 'killing him' acting like the man was g-d's gift to the universe was a little too much for me to swallow. I was thankful at least that Cass told him about his adultery. Alex loved to put Reese on a pedestal and kept punishing himself because g-d forbid he happened to fall for the guy's wife. And I still struggled to understand how Cass ended up marrying Reese only because 'he asked her' and she didn't see why not. I mean...really? A little too unrealistic for me. Besides the huge age difference, these two sounded like they had zero chemistry just good chummy friends. Reese was her very first client and seemed to take care of her. The whole scenario not only creeped me out but I found really depressing.

All in all, I did enjoy this story, really wish I read this before reading 'A Man in a Million' with the adorable Madeline and Spike (eeek! :D), seeing their first 'meeting' in here and how they interacted was too cute. Made me want to re-read their story. Alex and Cass were a complete angsty forlorn package. JB really knows how to write angsty couples with whole lot of sexual tension thrown in there. Alex's 'dream' that Cass walks in on?......*MELTS* Wow. It should be wrong, but it was sooo freaking sexy.