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The Billionaire Next Door - Jessica Bird 5 stars

What happened to Billy and Mac's books?? This series CANNOT go unfinished. Such a waste. :(

This was very good and reminded me once again what a talented writer Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward) is. She absolutely excels at writing raw emotional real characters with powerful back stories. This was more gritty and emotional than I was expecting it to be. I really loved Sean O'Banyon. His abusive history broke my heart, I wanted to give him and his brothers a big hug. With so little page count and certain restrictions Bird made the most of it and managed to pull off a powerful story. I did not feel like I was reading a harlequin book which says so much. The flashbacks and characters reactions and PTSD to a brutal abusive childhood was so wonderfully handled. The flashbacks in particular and the crippling PTSD Sean and Billy deal with were brutal and so flawlessly handled. Bravo Bird! Everything about this story came across incredibly real and nothing was forced or half approached. Loved Lizzie Bond thought she was wonderful with a big selfless heart and just what big rugged cynical Sean needed. He made me melt with his words. Gah. Given his severe trust issues, Lizzie was very kind and understanding yet firm when she needed to be. I adored these two so much and loved seeing how they handled things together. They go through quite a few tests together and apart.

And to all the BDB lovers, we do get a Butch mention in this. Nice clever wink to the BDB series. :P Butch O'Neal! I loved the connection of Sean being friends with Butch as a kid. It was sweet and oddly comforting given the awful atmosphere Sean and his brothers lived in growing up. :(

And getting to know Sean's younger brother Billy, I really really wanted to know more about him. I adore him <3. I'm DYING to read his story. The gorgeous star quarterback who is dyslexic and has serious PTSD from his traumatic childhood. And there's also the mysterious eldest brother Mac. I get the feeling this series will be left unfinished which really bums me out. :( <br/>
Brilliant story, 5 stars all the way!