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Happy Ever After  - Nora Roberts 2.5 stars

I'm glad just to be done with this series, and done with Nora Roberts. Sorry but I've come to realize her writing style just isn't for me. Her stories and characters touch the surface but nothing else. There is nothing unique or intriguing about her work, just a bunch of unoriginal characters thrown into repetitive recycled stories. This is supposed to be one of her strongest series if I'm not mistaken and the only hit for me was Mac and Carter's book.

I thought Parker would really irritate me like she did in the last 2 books but surprisingly not as much in here. She still gave me a work-out in the eyeball department but I guess I got used to her OCD uptight neurotic ways by now. lol I just didn't think much of her story or believe her and Mal falling in love. There was nothing exciting or new for me. The romance & steam factor was very tame, too tame. A whole bunch of telling but very little showing, which seems to be Nora's general style and something I have no interest in. It's a BIG pet peeve of mine when authors do this. I like descriptive love scenes not flowery figurative euphemisms that lead to fade-to-blacks. No thank you.

Mal I struggled to even connect with. Other than his back story there was nothing interesting about this 'bad boy' mechanic. My biggest problem was his voice and demeanor sounds EXACTLY the same as Del and Jack. There is no distinction between these 3 guys except for their looks. They have the same mannerisms, attitude and dialogue which makes no sense. Carter is the only one out of the four guys who has a different personality and distinct voice. Nora doesn't even try to give her characters individual separate identities outside the freaking Vows business which seems to be the primary focus of the series. And sorry but the idea of 4 grown men moving into this ginormous mansion with the 4 ladies like some compound or sorority/fraternity (for rich adults) is strange and suspending belief. I would go crazy. And Del getting all excited about turning the large basement into a 'man cave' for all the guys was cringe-worthy at best. <__< Everything is just <i>too perfect and exactly right at the Brown's mansion which just translates for a stale boring unrealistic story unfortunately.