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Midnight Sins - Lora Leigh First, let me sum up my experience of reading this:

Dear author, please stop trying to pile in lengthly over-wordy sentences that go in circles and make absolutely NO sense. If you are trying to make a point, get to it. Stop fiddle fucking with run on sentences that have no direction or point and give me a headache trying to decipher what the hell you are trying to imply in just. one. sentence.

Exhibit A:
"Cami was thirteen. She would be fourteen in 3 months. Add 9 more months to that, and it added up to the time their mother had taken Jaymi and stayed in Denver with aunt Beth for nearly a year."


Couldn’t you have just said the heroine was freaking 14 years old when she visited her aunt Beth?? I don't need the math equation to try and figure it out. Jesus.

Exhibit B:
"Eddy was mocking, snide, sarcastic, and those were his good days, but he wasn’t cruel, and he had never gone out of his way way to be mocking, snide, and sarcastic either. It was simply what you found when you found Eddy.”

Exhibit C:
“She recognized that voice, even as carefully disguised as it had been. Still, she would remember whose voice it was, and when she did, unlike her sister, Cami would raise hell and make damned sure he paid for attempting to terrorize her, let alone threatening her.”

I had to re-read just this paragraph literally 5 times before giving up and moving on cause it was too contradictory and nonsensical to even comprehend.

Clearly this is my first Lora Leigh book and from what I’m understanding she’s no rookie in writing novels. She’s actually a best seller? Excuse me for my bluntness but...HOW?? That actually terrifies me that someone with so much experience in this field would write such a poor sloppy half assed story like this that is packed and I mean PACKED with timeline/story/character inconsistencies, grammatical mistakes and a shaky meandering plot that makes no sense. And I realized I actually own a book of hers that I wasn’t aware of until reading this. I happened to buy one of her books randomly during a Borders closing sale, it’s a hard cover. It was in the 4 books for a $1 bargin bin. Now I’m beginning to understand why. She seems to have a big following given the number of comments and ratings I see. I just don’t get how writing this shitty can get overlooked. If this book is any indication of her skills and handling of a story then I think I’ll pass.

I didn't manage to read this to the end. I tried. I really really tried but got tired of forcing myself to keep going and finish it. I had maybe 30 pages left but the story was not inspiring me to keep going and the writing was just too awful for words. I never found out who the 'mysterious' town/stalker/rapist is who is obsessed with Cami and Rafe. For some reason this person doesn't approve or like the fact that Cami is involved with Rafer, the town 'outcast'. Supposedly the killer is someone all the characters know, his voice is familiar but no one can figure out who it is. I didn't care enough to want to find out who it is because the murder mystery angle seemed so contrived like everything else. And I was still trying to figure out if this had anything to do with Rafer's family and all the mysterious deaths. Not sure if there really was a connection there since the author tried so vehemently to pound it into readers heads that the family 'accidents' were no accidents. Whatever.

The number of inconsistencies in timeline and characters were too many to keep track of. I'm still not sure exactly how old Cami was when she lost her virginity, first she was 21, wait no, around-twenty, no she was 18. The back and forth and constantly changing her age was ridiculous it was so obvious. Does Lora Leigh have an editor? Because if so, don’t quit your day job dearie. It’s incomprehensible how mistakes THIS BIG can get overlooked and make it to print as is. This read more like a writer’s very rough rough 1st draft.

As for the main characters, oh boy. I really didn’t understand Cami’s constant lashing out at Rafer and her reasoning to stay away from him. And he's no prince either. But her line of reasoning versus her actions and way of thinking just never added up. She supposedly is pushing him away because she can’t bare to lose him yet snarls at him and whines, pouts and acts outraged! over why he stayed away from her (something she consistently pleads him to do). Girl are you kidding me? Someone seriously needed to give this girl a one-two slap and reality check. She gives indecisive girls a bad rep. It’s so passive aggressive and just stupid mind games. The unfairness of aching for a man ‘she can’t have’ oh yeah? Then stop acting like an uptight bitch to him and just be with him and shut up about it. What's even more outrageous is the stupid song and dance she puts him through every time they meet up and are about to go at it. We get this nauseating overused line from her the minute he comes near her:

“Don’t do this Rafter please–“

“What are you doing to me, Rafer?

"Why are you doing this to me???!”


If I had a quarter for every time this annoying dialogue is used and reused in this book I'd be rich. And I'm not even kidding. It's used like clockwork without pause in every scene when these two are together. Every. single. time. Is this the author's version of angst? If so, it sucks. And of course 2 seconds after all that girly whining and her trying to act offended and immune to his 'persuasions' she's all panty, humping his leg and demanding Rafer to fuck her hard! Yes yes oh yes! Fuck me harrrd! RME.

Shoot me please.

Cami went through a traumatic ordeal when she was a teenager, she loses her sister to a brutal rape and murder and deals with a lot but instead of coming off strong, independent or even rational-headed and sympathetic, she just came off really pathetic and whiny.

And Mr. I'm-Too-Sexy-I-don't-Wear-Any-Underwear cock-for-brains-Rafer made me want to punch him more than once. He's the hero in this who swaggers around like he's a bad ass (um no) with a real bad attitude who screws not only the heroine but had a previous relationship with the heroine's older sister before. Gross much? He is by far the most cliche contrived character out of the bunch. Gag me please. Every time he comes near Cami, she creams her panties and gets all breathless cause he's just too beautiful. We are reminded every other line or paragraph..er page? that he’s the town leper everyone hates for known/unknown/still up for debate? reasons. Again...a whole lot of hemming and hawing and assuming and back-peddling. The author doesn’t give clear reasoning's behind why Rafer and his 2 cousins are hated so much by the town people other than the mysterious all-seeing-all-knowing ‘barons’ (where the hell are we? 18th century London? cut that shit out) who hate Rafer’s family and pretty much blame them for every problem, accusation and now a spree of murders. Just…so stupid. The back story to this is so convoluted complicated and a complete hot ass mess there is no way of explaining it or trying to even understand it or make sense of it. Cause it doesn’t. Make sense. At all. I gave up after the 5th time the author rehashes the whole back story at a painfully slow pace. Do I really care or need to be told for the UPteenth time how Rafer’s family died/ married/ remarried/ had a shit load of Callahan babies??

I. don’t. care.

Plus it just started to get really obnoxious when he kept trying to shut Cami up by screwing her 5 ways to Sunday and compare their love making to rutting around like animals, and I quote: ‘fucking like minks in mating season’

And what's her reaction to this lovely piece of post-coital poetry you say? She fights a smile cause he’s just so darn sweet like that. He's comparing you to a cat in heat you DUMB FIDIOT, that's not a compliment! *fumes*

And then there are the handful of convenient ‘gee-ya think?’ coincidences that are GLARINGLY obvious that these stupid shit for brains characters can’t put two and two together. At one point we have the heroine Cami point out the ‘coincidences’ to our hero Rafer who pats her on the head saying the paranoia is just getting to her head, now be a good girl lie down and let me continue fucking you. Cause of course having 3 generations? (I lost track of the Callahan story the 7th time it was retold) of your family die at the exact same spot on a cliffy mountain just CAN’T be a set up can it?? *crickets*

Cause that would actually make sense if it was a set up and someone was actually behind the deaths and would solve the moronic pointless riddle in this story wouldn’t it Leigh? Ugh.

Even the sex scenes are a real chore to get through. It goes on for pages and pages describing just the ‘sensations’ before the two actually come together. Waaaay too wordy, too much redundancy, and for some outrageous reason the author decides it's the perfect time to do more info-dumping. Dumping information that isn't new, that we already know. I'm amazed the number of ways Leigh came up with using the word 'ecstasy' in this. She's dying of ecstasy, aching with ecstasy, agonizing ecstasy, blah blah blah. I really think a Thesaurus would have been Leigh's best friend in this because clearly her choice of diction was incredibly in short supply and for some reason she kept using and reusing the same words. It just became exhausting.

The sexy 'dirty' talk in this just wasn't working for me either. Oh lord. It was just incredibly skeevy for me and stupid and so trite instead of hot and steamy. And don’t get me started on the juicy vagina, or juiced vagina er juice dripping from her vagina. What the hell is this? Cue the cheap 80s porn music.Dear authors who like to write explicit love scenes: Vagina juice is NOT sexy and never will be sexy.Ever.

photo gag-jim-carrey-liar-liar.gif

I don’t want to read about this woman’s juices and their pesky adventures every which way. Pick another damn word. If this goes in the category of hardcore ‘erotic romance’ then...not impressed. I’ve read love scenes that are pretty erotic but not filed under erotic romance but they manage to get the job done and pull it off so much better than this. In this case... less is more.

I just...am done. This was exhausting.