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Accidentally Yours - Susan Mallery I had issues w/ this book for several reasons mainly with the heroine Kerri. It really bugged me how this character was written and the complete hypocritical narrow-minded focus she had. To me this wasn't a romance book in the least so if you are expecting to get lovey dovey sweet moments this isn't the book for you.

I sympathized with Kerri and could never imagine the situation she was going through. I don't ever want to. Guilt and desperation and anguish can drive a person to a state of mind and thinking that doesn't necessarily make sense to others. I get that. And I appreciate the fact that Mallery tried to make it as real and emotional as possible, I believed it. But Kerri's constant way of thinking that she would be punished if she went against the deal she made with g-d by getting involved with Nathan and blaming not only herself but Nathan as well every time something happened to her son Cody I just found a little unreasonable and illogical. To be blunt, it drove me insane. Plus it got really tiring and annoying sitting through her snapping at Nathan and saying mean hurtful cruel things to him every time something bad would happen and not really apologizing for it later. The not apologizing or even addressing it later on is what really grated my nerves. You're worried your actions are gonna make you lose your son, fine but don't take it out on a man who's only trying to help you. Give me a break.

Grief is never easy and I understood that the character was a single mom who's sole purpose was to find a cure for her son but there is a limit and maybe I'm just too frickin weak-hearted but I wasn't a fan of the turn-about Kerri would pull with Nathan. She had this tendency of lecturing Nathan on not judging others (her in particular) yet turning around judging him about why he didn't fight harder for his own son who died from the same disease and throwing it in his face that she wouldn't give up on Cody like he did. Um...harsh much? Yeah she's a grieving mother but he lost a child too. One shouldn't output the other IMO. I felt that the heroine got too many free passes with the way she acted around Nathan at times. And yes the guy had the rep of being a cold-hearted selfish jerk but that doesn't make him any less human. I felt sorry for him too and the burdens he carried and taking all the blame especially when Kerri would push him away and put up a wall every time something happened.

As far as the romance side of this book, it really didn't grab me I felt the characters fell a little flat at times. There really wasn't much of romance in this which was disappointing. The story focused more on Kerri and her son's struggle to survive the Gillier's illness. But there was some humorous dialogue in there that was funny. Great banter.