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The Tattooed Duke - Maya Rodale
That gorgeous cover is the main reason I picked this book up but unfortunately the actual story did nothing to capture my interest. The writing in this was pretty poor and kind of stale to be honest. I also kept finding a lot of grammar mistakes and typos. Typos especially, this was riddled with them to the point where I literally took a pencil and had to fix them myself because it got so distracting. Lots of repetitive dialogue and weird choice of phrasing things. In fact some of the odd proses made no sense to me. The love scene which is at the very end of the book was underwhelming and odd. The author dragged these two coming together throughout the story and had them make love as the final scene only for it to be glossed over in certain areas and just filled with fuzzy awkward fragmented dialogue. The sad part was it didn't even read like a love scene, she glosses over entirely all the *crucial parts* just gave bits and pieces instead.

Let me give a snippet of what the one and only love scene consisted of:

"The duke kissed her here. The duke kissed her there. The duke kissed her down there. Her legs parted. He moaned. Her hips arched. He bit his lip."

"She cried out again and again and again."

"He did it again, and she moaned, again and again and again"

I mean...really? -__-

But aside from that, the the overall plot and characters did nothing for me. I tried really hard but I found myself not buying the 'love story' between the hero Sebastian and the heroine Eliza. It came off hallow and flat. I didn't see much of any chemistry between them, it came off not believable considering how little time we actually see them spending time together other than playfully flirting and him ogling her ass. The 'wooing' in this pretty much consists of them sharing one or two heated kisses, a quick fondle, a few rooftop drunken moments where she plays the coy flirtatious empty-headed housemaid and he gives a few naughty winks in return fighting back his desperate lust for her because he will not be another 'Wicked Wycliff' who tups the housemaid. And here I'm supposed to believe she falls madly deeply in love with him? *crickets* Yeah, I got nothing. I just had a hard time buying any of it there wasn't enough page time or effort into showing these two actually connecting or getting to know each other. And for some inane reason I can't wrap my head around, through 90% of this book the hero Sebastian is referred to as 'the duke'. Not his given name, not Wycliff but the duke even (as mentioned earlier) during the love scene at the end. I found this odd and as a reader incredibly tiring and so out of place. He has such a lovely name author, please use it more. And the fact that he has tattoos on his chest, has long hair and wears an earring is emphasized, repeated, milked for all its worth through out the story. I truly lost count how many times this statement was brought up in this book.