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Shelter In A Soldier's Arms - Susan Mallery 2.5

The heroine was too selfish and emotionally manipulative for my tastes.

Ashley: Why are you helping us? Why are you being kind to my daughter? She’s not your child.
Jeff: I just want to make things easier for you. Help you out. And I like Maggie.
Ashley: Have your own kids! I’m not your charity case! *stomps foot & storms off*
(2 seconds later) I'm sorry...I overreacted.

Jeff: I don't have protection but I'm clean. Are you sure?
Ashley: I don't care. Make love to me.
Ashley: How could you get me pregnant! You lied to to me about your low sperm count! You betrayed me!
Jeff: Marry me. I want to be a family with you and Maggie.
Ashley: Oh! You DO care! You love me just like I love you! I know you didn't trick me I was just angry.

Jeff: How do you know you love me? What do you feel?
Ashley: What are you talking about?? *gasp* So you don’t love me? Omg you just want to marry me for the baby?! Omg you can’t love me forever and ever!
Ashley: (2 seconds later) It’s okay. We're going to be all right, you just need time to process everything.
Jeff: I have to go on a semi-dangerous assignment for a week. If I don’t come back here is my will, you Maggie and the baby will be taken care of and provided for.
Ashley: WHAT?! You can’t leeeeave. You can’t die! You have a responsibility to us. You don’t think I’m worth living for! You have NO feelings. I thought you were different! I thought you would change and realize you love us, but you won’t. You don’t love us. You don’t fit my perfect dream man and DAMN you for not loving me in the timetable I imagined.


I mean....seriously? And FYI: That last line came straight from the book. There was a recurring pattern here that I really didn't much care for. Ashley loved to dish it out yet couldn’t take it herself. Her out-of-proportion tantrums and hot/cold temper just gave me whiplash and it made her come off a *little* bit crazy. I was willing to give her a chance considering her history but after that last bit regarding his job I was very close to hurling this out my window. I gave this an extra star just for Ashley's adorable little girl. She was the star of this book everything else was mind-numbingly irritating.