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The Rebel  - Jessica Bird, J.R. Ward 2.5 stars

First half I kept imagining ways to strangle bitch slap the heroine Frankie in this. Second half, I was just waiting for something more to happen. I was left feeling a little bit bored and a whole lot of underwhelmed by the overall story and pacing. And everything was resolved a little *too* easily and quickly for my tastes at the end. I have to say this is my first Jessica Bird/JR Ward heroine I wasn't a fan of and struggled to even relate to. Frankie made it very difficult to sympathize much less tolerate her until thankfully the second half where she became more human. The first half she was a real pill and honestly had me wondering how the hell Nate was attracted to her or even liked her. I struggled with that the most. Nate was wonderful and delicious as ever as the hero but I wasn't really convinced of his chemistry or enthrallment with Frankie. Their 'connection' seemed a little too contrived and forced in some moments for me. And the sexy times in this were near nonexistent which really surprised me. The sex scenes were really toned down and glossed over which typically isn't Ward's style even in Harlequin format. I was left feeling a little bereft by that. Hoping the next book is better....