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Savor the Danger - Lori Foster This is DNF for me. It's been sitting by my bed for a week where I couldn't bring myself to pick up and finish it. This is my first Foster book so I'm not familiar with her style of writing. The campy dialogue and even more campy contrived plot just wasn't working for me. And the characters were too cliche and trite for me. Everything was so incredibly over the top that it got distracting.

You have Jackson Savor, the stereotypical cookie-cutter version of an alpha hero. The author reminds us in every other line what a big bad Alpha he is to his core, no woman can control him, fuss over and or tell him what to do "Never would Jackson let a woman dictate to him." Cause that's wrong! Ugh. His excessive 'woman!' cave man talk just bordered on patronizing and sexist instead of sexy alpha. And I don't mind a guy talking dirty (yes please) but every other line that comes out of this guy's mouth is a sexual innuendo. It just ruined the mood and at some point I couldn't take him seriously. The guys especially in this were so over-the-top stereotypes that it was eye-roll inducing. And the heroine Alani just aggravated me with her constant squawking and screeching (author's words, not mine). Having a heroine who literally squawks and screeches when talking isn't very endearing or attractive. I wish authors would just remove those two verbs from their writing list entirely. Alani just annoyed me and confused me. She is supposed to be a 20 something sweet, independent, strong young woman who's had a thing for the hero for some time and gave up her virginity to him. Yet I just couldn't get around her prissy haughty naive attitude with a vocabulary of a woman twice her age. Using phrases like 'that's a conundrum' and 'utmost importance' just seemed really strange and read very awkward. I mean who talks like that at her age?? I couldn't get a good grasp of her.

And I wasn't crazy about the silly plot device used to keep the hero and heroine in close quarters. The opening scene starts off with both of them in bed and Jackson throwing up with no memory of the night before. *cue investigation & driving force behind the rest of the story*. Jackson and the other two ALPHAS Trace and Dare, set out to find out who is behind this. They come up the idea to have Jackson and Alani pretend they are a couple in order to lure out the bad guys behind this. Contrived much? I just didn’t see how the two things correlated. I also thought it was contrived and really lame to have Jackson's enemy come after him by slipping him drugs. If his enemy had the opportunity to come after him why not just attempt to kill him? What's with the date rape drugs? The 'suspense' of it just fell so flat for me and came off silly rather than exciting. I didn't get far enough to see where it went but it didn't interest me long enough to keep reading.

And Alani's really annoying tendency of glowering at any woman who came near Jackson like a watchdog was so over the top that it was immature and just ridiculous. What is this preschool? She would literally stand there akimbo pose and snarl & stare down other ladies who would give Jackson the once over with her ridiculous 'how dare you!' lectures and then turn around & get mad at Jackson. Who does that? That's not normal behavior or cute. In real life this girl would be labeled as unhinged with her obsessive over-the-top territorial routine. Honey, if the guy is a looker ladies are going to LOOK whether you like it or not. Men do it all the time with the ladies and vice versa. Just..ugh. She made my eyes cross at her over-dramatic reactions to the smallest things. She also couldn’t let go or get over the fact that Jackson forgot their 'hot steamy' night of sex. HE WAS DRUGGED! And I found her older brother Tate, you know, the other ALPHA with a capital A, I found his big brother protective routine annoying and extreme. She's a grown woman, cornering her and giving her the what for and asking about her sex life like she's a 15 year old was ridiculous and just too much. I understand she had a history with being kidnapped and held captive but still...a *little* too much.

I can’t say this was awful but nothing about it motivated me to keep reading. It had it’s moments with Jackson but then that annoying baby talk of his or Alani‘s harrumping would get in the way and I just would lose all interest. :(