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Possession  - J.R. Ward
I really enjoyed this one! I enjoyed it so much I ended up taking it with me to work and reading it during my lunch break, I don't usually do that. :P Great continuation of the Fallen Angel series and a step up from Matthius's book in both romance and plot. I loved the pairing in this even though I really wish Ward would step away from the 3-4 days window time frame for the couple to meet and fall in love. I hate the rushed restriction Ward is putting on each of these books and how everything needs to happen and unfold in a matter of days. Why? Is there a reason for this? After all this is a game of good vs. evil, give the characters at least a week-2 weeks time to deal with and try to prepare for that crossroad.

I was pleasantly surprised with the shift in POV in this. We got much more of the heroine, Cait's POV and back story than we did both guys combined until much later on. There are obvious reasons for that but I liked that Cait seemed to more of a lead in this. She was sweet, compassionate, relatable and trying to live life to the fullest and break out of her own comfortable safety bubble. And I LOVE that she was an artist. I thought Duke was sexy as hell. I wasn't sure what to make of him at first but I fell for the guy. He's the typical brooding silent, gargantuan Ward alpha male, and the guy pulled it off. So shmexy. I have a thing for towering gruff silent type heroes. I wasn't overly thrilled how they started off and Duke's motives behind pursuing Cait but we get more intel on him and what drives him and he starts to truly fall for her so he won me over. Plus their sex marathons were enthralling and very hot. His insatiable appetite for her was quite addictive and all kinds of delicious. Unf. There are some clever twists and surprises with these 2 and G.B. which I think was nicely handled, kept me in suspense and not wanting to put this down. And I do think G.B. was quite a departure from Ward's traditional recipe of characters, that was another surprise for me.

Yes I want Jim and Sissy together. *ducks head* After reading this? I'm there. I want them. I honestly didn't think Ward would take it there even with the subtle and not-so subtle hints given all the hokey-pokey fuckery with Devina going on so I wasn't sure how serious she was about the potential of Jim with Sissy. But Sissy has intrigued me and I really like her. She's smart, patient, clear-headed, brave and wants her shot at helping Jim and Adrian in the war. The age difference doesn't bother me and Jim clearly is smitten with her (and is trying to fight it tooth and nail), and Sissy seems to be slowly coming around. It doesn't seem forced or contrived which is another plus. Sissy definitely has matured and seems wiser than her years given what she went through. And once again, for a male-POV dominant series, we got a lot more POV and reflection from Sissy in here which I liked. It was a nice shift in gears. This managed to squeeze tears out of me when she visits her family and thinks about all those she has left behind. Pretty heartbreaking. For someone who has officially 'entered' the series and now has a play and POV in the games she's a very well-rounded character with a lot of depth and maturity which I really liked. Kudos to Ward!

I will say I did not like how things left off between her and Jim at the end and I wanted to rip my hair out that Ward went there...again. Like it wasn't enough to have Devina play dress up and trick Jim into spending time with her thinking she's Sissy. Pathetic even for Devina. That was unbearable enough but to bargain with her to keep her away from the soul in play by sleeping with her AGAIN was pure torture.
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Totally you have got be kidding me? moment. We were saved from this stupid shit 90% of the book until Ward pulls a fast one. How many times do we have to go through these mind fucks (pun intended) Ward? I will not and never will sympathize with Devina or her poor wittle OCD demon heart being crushed by Jim's brush offs. And him constantly having to go on fucking sprees with her as a 'sacrifice' is rage inducing and getting pretty damn tiring at this point. I honestly get enjoyment out of seeing Adrian and Jim hurl insults and barbs at her. I see that Ward is valiantly trying to humanize her in different ways with her OCD therapy, deep insecurity and falling for Jim. Guess what? Still ain't working. All that does is just razz me up more and wishing someone would just stab her in the eye heart with her stiletto shoe and be done with it. She's great as a villain, she's a total sociopath and I loathe her. But as a misunderstood 'I feel ugggggly' whiny woman? No. No no and once more with feeling....NO.

And for all the BDB fans, there was a lovely JM sighting in this that was a nice little surprise. And yes Xhex aka 'Alex Hess' plays a small part in this story as well. I get a kick out of all these character cross overs and cameos between the 2 series. Hope Ward keeps it up! :P

I'm still trying to figure out who will be the next 2 souls in play as Ward playfully hinted at it being 'obvious'. Umm...Jim? Sissy? Eddie? I don't see how that would work. Given the title it's probably Jim or Sissy.

Ward has definitely managed to keep things interesting and fresh with the surprise twists and turns. And she seems to be shifting gears and changing things up a bit I noticed it in here and I hope this trend continues.

Great read!