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Chains of Ice - Christina Dodd This was disappointing. First of all what threw me off was the description on the back of the book. The blurb on the back is very misleading, the back blurb teaser is not all what happens in the book (a pet peeve of mine) and in all honestly that and the COVER is what caught my interest and convinced me to read it. Eh...


I loved the character of John Powell. He's interesting very mysterious BUT.... the whole 'grizzly man' who stalks women and takes them to his cabin to give them the BEST SEX EVER was a bit over the top and I'm sorry to say this but total exaggeration. When you put a set up like that well you are expecting what the author promises. Apparently the best sex ever is giving off power waves that go off for miles and gives off colors of the rainbow. The skittles commercial comes to mind ("Taste the Rainbow!"). -_- Let's just say not what I was expecting.

I did like how he ended up meeting Genny, it was very cute and endearing. The starting was great but it's everything after they meet and come together that goes downhill for me. This would have been a 3 star or probably 4 star if it weren't for the second half of the book. I just couldn't understand or wrap my head around why Genny would want to run away from him after he helped save her and clearly feelings were there between them yet she ran away from him like he was the devil himself. It was a bit contrived for me the reasoning behind her running off. I felt like I was missing something and needed a major clue. And then to carry on and fake her death so he would leave her alone. That just turned me off completely and made her seem so fickle and heartless to do that to him. I couldn't grasp or understand why she was so hellbent on running from him. The last time I checked he wasn't the bad guy.

I guess that's my biggest issue with this book and the author's style of writing. It's not for me. I don't like how she writes the heroines in her books, I've read a few and I've noticed the same pattern in all the stories. After they get together with the man they love they run off after wards or refuse to believe that said man loves them. My big question is WHY??? Isn't there another clever way of coming up with angst for a couple other than having the woman turn insecure, guilt ridden or indecisive? It's incredibly irritating and not the kind of heroine I want to root for. For me it's anticlimactic and disappointing to say the least and makes the heroine look clueless and so fickle. Then to jump forward 5 months later eeeh I just felt it was a rushed way of getting to the next point, summarizing what happened then bring in other characters. I don't like when authors flash forward to months, years later in the middle of a book. It's choppy and disjointed and I feel like I missed so much. I'm a reader who'd rather have dialogue then a bunch of summarization. I want action not description. I wish I could say I was interested enough in reading the other books in this series but I think I'll pass.