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Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1)

Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1) - Lisa Kleypas 4.5 stars

These Bow Street Runners are such lovable teady bears. Me loves it. :P

Once again Kleypas has sucked me in. She reminds me once again why I love her writing so much.

This is seriously making me want to re-read Lady Sophia's Lover just so I can revisit Sir Ross Cannon and his quiet intensity. Even as a secondary character in this he made quite a presence. I adore that character. I just remember not being as enthralled with Ross's book as I was with this one. But just by a smidge.

Grant Morgan was a very interesting unique hero and I adored how he found someone so completely opposite of him in every way in 'Vivien'. He was a big giant aggressive male with a dark biting edge that contradicts his gentle sweet side. Naturally that package of contradiction is my kind of thing. I loved it. I devoured this book in 2 days, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I liked the twist and turns and not knowing where it was going to go but let me say how incredibly relived I was to find out Vivien's true identity. Courtesan's while they are beautiful and alluring and aloof in many ways, I don't like reading stories about them. Their way of life is the cringe-worthy factor I can't get around. Vivien was just lovable all around and excuse me but a waste to simply play a high-paid self-indulgent prostitute. She was so endearingly sweet, honest and pure with all her intentions I found it really endearing. It's hard not to love her. She was a open book that kept surprising and confounding Grant which was just as fun. What I loved most was her intelligence and bravery. For someone who came from such a sheltered background she was incredibly strong-willed and independent and had a good head on her shoulders. I thought she was perfect for Grant and a nice surprise for him. :P I loved how she didn't let herself be intimidated by Grant's intense commanding presence no matter how uncomfortable she was. lol Again I loved the juxtiposition they made, her petite frame and sweet almost innocent nature against his six-foot-plus frame and rough lumbering ways. Yeah it's totally cliche and expected in HR books but in this it came off endearingly sweet and just...honest and believable.

They made quite a pair and I found them completely adorable and so endearing.